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Arachne | | Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Climate Change Download

The text of two addresses delivered to the 2009 U3A Network-NSW Conference

* Understanding Climate Change — Colin Jones
* Carbon and Climate Change — Don Saville

Cryptic Crossword Tutorials Download

There are 10 Crossword tutorials ranging through from easy to difficult. Throughout the series, there are hints and examples to explore with a solution to each crossword that includes explanations of each answer. These can be done either individually or in groups. Anyone could be a tutor for these fun activities.

There are 5 crosswords with tutorials and solutions which Arthur Maynard of Warwick (QLD) U3A invites us to try out. These are for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS and would be excellent to use along with the Cryptic Crosswords already on file. As well as these first 5 sessions, there are now 13 more puzzles with solutions. The latter can be downloaded from Arthur’s Cryptic for Novices 6 to 18.

Arthur’s Cryptics for Novices Puzzles 6 to 18

Following on from Arthur Maynard’s Cryptic Crosswords, he has provided 13 more crosswords with their solutions for members to gain more practice. Download the Crosswords HERE  and the Solutions HERE.

Forum/Discussion Group Topics

Most of the following topics include Powerpoint presentations and tutor notes. They can be downloaded.


Are you addicted to anything? What is addiction? Are you a shopaholic, a chocoholic, maybe even an alcoholic!  Download

Body Language

This is a fun session which includes body language from other cultures as well as some ways to read animal behaviour. Download


There are many froms of brutality. Here we discuss police, war, family and animal brutality. Download

Future World

What does the future hold for us and our planet? Are we doomed or does science have the answers? Download


Grandparents are very important people in children’s lives. Her we discuss grandparenting in the 21st century. There is no Power point presentation for this session. Download

Living and dying well

Taking Zarathustra’s recommendations, are we indeed living well? And how does one die well? Download

Lying and Deception

Although truth is put on a pedestal, lying is found everywhere. How many times a day do we lie – and why? There is no Power point presentation for this session. Download

Marriage – for better or for worse? Download

Across cultures and across generations, what is expected of marriage for couple – or groups – in the current world?


How is technology changing the way we think? And it’s not just about the internet!! Download

You are what you eat. Download

How healthy is your diet and how healthy is the diet of the modern generation. What can you add to the debate?

The following topics are available on CD only

Power Point presentations and supporting videos on the following topics:  Happiness:  Living in My Third Age:  My Unique Christmas – Available singly or as a “set”. To order it contact the Library Manager

The Story of the Snowy Mountains Scheme

Thank you to Mel Davies for this resource. The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme is the largest engineering project ever undertaken in Australia. The system’s construction is seen by many as a defining point in Australia’s history, and an important symbol of Australia’s identity as an independent, multicultural and resourceful country. Download

Murray-Darling Basin

Almost the whole of inland South-Eastern Australia is part of the Murray-Darling Basin. It covers an area 1,450 kilometres long and 1,000 kilometres wide and consists largely of plains rising to the Great Dividing Range on its Eastern and Southern rim.

So begins this series of presentations about the Murray-Darling Basin by Pam McGlynn from Tuggerah Lakes U3A. Using PowerPoint presentations and excellent Quicktime audios and movies Pam has provided a comprehensive resource telling the history, the effect that water use has had on the environment, water trading and funding and a host of other concerns.

This resource has 2 talks which cannot be downloaded. Please contact the Library Manager to order the resources.

Your Cosmic Connections (On CD only.)

This 45 minute entertaining educational session by Anthony Bayes is very comprehensive with a voice-over on the disk. It includes the Big Bang theory, excellent images of planets, stars and their relative sizes and the table of elements. Astronomy enthusiasts will enjoy this session. This is only available as a CD. To order it contact the Library Manager

Visions, Dreams and Hypnosis – Available in Powerpoint

This Powerpoint program is divided into three parts for presentation over a 2 hour session. First presented as a part of Magic and Myths, this resource deals with what is real and unreal and lets the audience make up their own mind. Download

 Architecture – Weird and Wonderful   – Powerpoint and Document 

So many buildings could be included in this resource. The choices here are totally random. This fun session will take you on an interesting  journey and one full of contrasts

ATTENTION!: This file contains 60MB and will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to   Download 


This is a fascinating story about beads which spans the globe, showing their presence in all cultures and at all times throughout history. The resource, written as a Powerpoint and Document by Nita Millard from Forster/Tuncurry U3A takes us on that journey. Download

Cleopatra’s Nose

This wonderful resource from John Miller of Goulburn Mulwaree provides a set of 27 handouts for discussion/study by U3As. It’s based on the style of “What if” and includes topics such as ; Edward VIII’s abdication, Captain Cook’s arrival in Botany Bay, Darwin and Evolution and Penicillin.This item is too big to download and must be ordered from the Library Manager.

THE BIG BANG – How the Universe Began

The Big Bang is a Powerpoint Presentation of 84 slides by Parry Jones of Kiama U3A. It is an invaluable resource for any teacher/student of Science. The slides are excellent and will need some extra knowledge of Astronomy as there are no notes included. This item is too big to download and must be ordered from the Library Manager

Cultural Identity

This is an excellent Powerpoint Presentation with supporting notes about Australia’s cultural identity. It may be used to provide springbaords of ideas for U3A courses/presentations. Thanks to Des Davis of Port Macquarie. This item is too big to download and must be ordered from the Library Manager

Stories in Sandstone

This session provided by Margaret Guider of Forter-Tuncurry U3A takes one on a fascinating journey around the world beginning in Africa and ending in Australia. Slides 39 to 52 of the Powerpoint program are self explanatory about the Quarantine Station in Sydney..Download

Sudoku Puzzles for Beginners by Arthur Maynard

Arthur Maynard has provided a comprehensive set of Sudoku sessions. There are 6 easy and 2 hard lessons plus a very detailed introductory Administration section. They can all be dowloaded HERE.

Bob the Builder

With just over 55 slides, Anne Gribble takes us from 40,000 years ago to the modern day showing buildings that have been constructed, many of which have survived the ravages of centuries. Enjoy her presentation which can be downloaded from Bob the Builder.

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