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Arachne | | Friday, October 30th, 2009

Short biographies for downloading.

* Adaams, Janesocial worker — recipient of the Nobel Prize Download

* Boulanger, Nadia — composer, conductor and Professor of  music Download

* Cezanne, Paul — French post-impressionist painter Download

* Curie, Marie scientist — discoverer of radium Download

*  Earhart, Amelia – Aviatrix Download

  • Hatchepsut – first female Pharaoh of any significance. Download

* Jerome, Jenny — socialite; mother of Winston Churchill, – Includes Ppt program Download

* Johnson, Amy — first woman to fly around the world Download

* Khayyam, Omar — ancient Persian poet Download

* Lagerloff, Sonia — awarded a Nobel Prize for literature Download

* Lowry, Lawrence — painter of the stylistic “matchstick men”Download

* Mahatma Gandhi – adored Indian mystic and leader Download

* Mansfield, Katherine — New Zealand writer of short stories Download

* Marconi, Guglielmo — the inventor of radio Download

* Millar, Gertie — musical comedy singer actress Download

* Renoir, Pierre — French impressionist painter  Download

* Richard III – The King in the Carpark (2 items to be downloaded) Richard III Documents        Richard III Ppts

  • Richardson, Ian — leading Shakespearean actor Download
  • Schwarzkopf, Elisabeth — opera singer and recitalist Download

* Shaw, George Bernard — English playwright Download

* Shearer, Moira — ballet dancer and actress Download

* Sheldon, Sidney — Broadway playwright and screenwriter Download

* Von Suttnor, Bertha — pacifist and first woman to win a Nobel Prize Download

* Vyroubova,Nina — ballerina with the Paris Opera Ballet  Download


Available in Power Point

Jane Austen – English Novelist Download

Bonaparte, Napoleon – General and Emperor of France – ATTENTION: This file contains 97MB and will take anything from 4 to 10 minutes to Download

Byron, Lord George Gordon – Romantic poet Download

Carroll, Lewis — author Download

Gilbert and Sullivan – Playwrights – Download

Hannibal – Rome’s worst nightmare Download

Nightingale, Florence — nurse and statistician in the Crimean War Download

Inman. John — actor; Mr Humphries of Are You Being Served Download

Joan of Arc – Maid of Orleans Download

Wilde, Oscar — playwright, short stories. Download

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