Explorers – The History of Australian Exploration — a chronological summary.

Arachne | | Friday, October 30th, 2009

A comprehensive list of recorded explorations from 1503 to 1888. This makes interesting and thought-provoking reading.

Australian explorers

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* George Bass: explored the east coast of Australia and together with Matthew Flinders  proved that Tasmania was an island. Download

* Robert Burke and William Wills: Led the first European expedition  to cross the continent of Australia from south to north..Download

* Nicholas Baudin; French explorer, cartographer, naturalist and hydrographer. He led a French expedition to map the coast of Australia and met Matthew Flinders, also engaged in charting the coastline, in Encounter Bay. Download

* Gregory Blaxland: Led the first known European expedition across the area of the Great Dividing Range known as the Blue Mountains, along with William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth, on a journey which would open up the inland of the continent. Download

* Edward Eyre: Together with his aboriginal friend Wylie, Eyre was the first European to cross southern Australia from east to west, travelling across the Nullarbor Plain from Adelaide to Albany Download

* Matthew Flinders: A supremely talented navigator, hydrographer and scientist, he circumnavigated and named Australia. Download

* Ludwig Leichhardt: most famous for his exploration of northern and central Australia. His disappearance while on expedition, although investigated by many, remains a mystery. Download

  • John McDouall Stuart In 1862,Stuart succeeded in crossing Australia from south to north, passing through the centre of the continent, thus opening up an all-year round route which was later followed by the Overland Telegraph. Download

* Abel Tasman: Led the first known European expedition to reach Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania). He also mapped substantial portions of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Download

  • Charles Sturt: While searching to determine if there was an “inland sea he traced several of the westward-flowing rivers, establishing that they all merged into the mighty Murray. Download
  • George Hubert Wilkins — an unsung hero of Antarctic Exploration An account of the exploits of George Hubert Wilkins -Australian Polar explorer as well as naturalist, geographer, climatologist, aviator, author, war correspondent, balloonist, submariner and navigator. Yet he is relatively unknown in his own country. Why? Download

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