Expanded Catalogue 2 – to download or order

Arachne | | Thursday, October 29th, 2009

To access the information in Expanded Catalogue 2, click on an item from the menu list. Once you have accessed the information, it can be printed out for that particular topic. It is here that you can order items or download them instantly to your computer.

16th Century Art

Behind Matilda’s Skirt

An Introduction to the Celts (5 sessions)

An Introduction to the Celts (Power Point Sessions)

South African History to 1900 (7 Topics)

Victorian Britain (5 sessions – one downloadable)

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Australian History – 19th Century (2 titles)

The Nature of Language (10 sessions – at least)

The History of the English Language (suggest 6 sessions)

Australian Literature in the 19th Century (Includes 20 writers)

Biographies of Australian Governors, pre-Federation (commencing with Arthur Phillip) and biographies of Australian Premiers, pre-Federation. DOWNLOAD

Geoffrey Chaucer: his Life, Work and Times

Richard III – The King in the Carpark – Download the story in two sections from the items below.

Richard III – Powerpoint Programs

Richard III Documents

Shakespearean Tragedy (Explores 4 plays)

Shakespeare and the Modern World

Shakespeare’s Shylock – Villain or Victim

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Powerpoint Programs

Explorers – Portuguese Explorers in the Age of Discovery (4)

Explorers – The History of Australian Exploration – a Chronological Summary (11 Explorers)

The “Heroic Age” of Antarctic Exploration (5 stories told)

Antarctica 1995 – A tourist’s view – Powerpoint Program

International Biographies (34 available)

Famous Australians (32 biographies)

Comparative Religion (Notes on 9 religions available)

Australia Felix – or is it? – The Murray Darling Basin, The Snowy Mountains Scheme

Myths and legends – The Arthurian Legend – 5 Mysteries of the Sea – Irish Myths and Legends

More Legends – Santa, Yeti, Loch Ness, Vampires…

Miscellaneous Courses – Cryptic Crosswords – Forum/Discussion Group Topics – Climate Change – Visions, Dreams, Hypnosis – Your Cosmic Connections – Architecture Weird and Wonderful – And more

Guidelines for U3As – Discussion and Book Groups; Men’s sheds; Personal History et al..

Speaker’s Kit. and Your Guide to Public Relations Handbook

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