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Arachne | | Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Bob the Builder

With just over 55 slides, Anne Gribble takes us from 40,000 years ago to the modern day showing buildings that have been constructed, many of which have survived the ravages of centuries. This resource may be downloaded from Miscellaneous Course in Catalogue 2. Enjoy her presentation.


Hatchepsut is a resource contributed by Michael Shannon of Shellharbour U3A. Michael describes her as “a model of feminine mystique, power and political acumen”. This thirty minute presentation will tell more about Hatchepsut, the first great woman in history, in the same company as Catherine the Great and Elizabeth 1st. It can be downloaded from International Biographies in Catalogue 2.

16th Century Art

16th Century Art by Carol Armstrong of Forster/Tuncurry U3A is a most comprehensive resource which includes art information – especially painting – leading up to and including the 16th Century. The document contains 47 pages and is supported by 133 slides. The audience will remain glued to their seats for two hours and enjoy every minute. This resource can be downloaded from Expanded Catalogue 2.

Behind Matilda’s Skirts

This entertaining session by Anne Gribble from Griffith is a short unauthorised history of Australia told with humour and, as Anne says containing information you may not have found in your 6th class history books. To order this resource, please contact the Library Manager.

 The History of the English page

This resource from Ern Hollebone of Manning Valley U3A contains

  • Notes to the presenter,
  • Alphabet Booklet,
  • Teaching Notes and a
  • Power Point presentation “The English Alphabet”

You will be taken on a journey from the times of the Phoenicians right up to modern days, looking at the history, features and idiosyncrasies of the alphabet as we know it.

As this resource is too large to be sent electronically, you will need to contact the Library Manager who will discuss with you the best way of sending it.

Cleopatra’s Nose

This wonderful resource from John Miller of Goulburn Mulwaree provides a set of 27 handouts for discussion/study by U3As. It’s based on the style of “What if” and includes topics such as ; Edward VIII’s abdication, Captain Cook’s arrival in Botany Bay, Darwin and Evolution and Penicillin.This item is too big to download and must be ordered from the Library Manager

The King in the Carpark – Richard III

In August 2012 the University of Leicester, England, in collaboration with the Leicester City Council and the Richard III Society began an ambitious archaeological project, Looking for Richard. It was a search for the lost grave of Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet kings of England who ruled from 1452 to 1485.  Two PowerPoints and three documents by Mel Davies of Lake Macquarie U3A, tell the story of Richard III and his exhumation. These can be downloaded from International Biographies.

 The Six Wives of Henry VIII Booklet

At the 2014 Network Conference, Ern Hollebone explained to those present at the Resource Library workshop how he reorganized the Six Wives of Henry VIII and created a booklet which he provided to the participants at Manning Valley U3A – at a small cost. He used the information provided on the website plus some more. You can find and download the booklet from The Six Wives of Henry VIII in Expanded Catalogue 2

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