How to Order Resources

Arachne | | Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Many courses are now available directly from this site. When you see the word download at the end of any item, it means that you can download that item via adobe acrobat.

•    To order any other resource material, contact the Library Manager.

•    Most of the material is available electronically (email).

•    If any item is too lengthy to be sent in this way, you will be advised.

•    In that case, a CD or thumb drive (if you don’t have CD accessibility) may be sent to you.

•    Material sent electronically is free of charge.

•    The charge for material on CD or thumb drive is $6, postage included.

•    The charge for material in print is 10 cents per page plus postage.

•    If you require print copies it is recommended that you contact the the Library Manager by Enail to advise your postal address and be advised of the cost.  Some courses are lengthy.

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