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Manager retired at the 2016 Conference

At the April Conference in Belmont, Mel Davies, the Library Manager and Ern Hollebone, the Network Web Administrator retired. Although I shall miss their expertise, we are still in touch and I shall certainly be consulting with them from time to time.

resized_cr Living Treasures, Ern & Mel with Ainslie

Ern and Mel (at right) receiving Network awards from President Ainslie Lamb

News from the 2014 Conference

The Conference at Armidale was both entertaining and exciting – and what about the food? Excellent? The Resource Library workshop was a great success and Ern’s booklet about the Six Wives of Henry VIII can now be downloaded from Expanded Catalogue II. Cleopatra’s Nose has also become very popular.

News from the 2013 Conference

The Library benefited greatly from the Goulburn Conference. We sold CDs burned by Mel to the value of $365 which amount was passed on to Geoff Hatch, the Treasurer. We have also picked up a number of items which have been included in the bank of resources by the Library Manager. On the Home Page you will also see several new excellent links. Thank you to all those who are contributing to the library and to others who are spreading the word.

Project Gutenburg is an amazing project.

The following information was sent to me by Brian Spilsbury Jr. He passed on a disk which is a sample of the DVD made in 2010. We think it is well worth passing this information to members. Brian says:

Their main site is here:

A DVD can be downloaded from here (see link below but at ~8GB it is better  to make a Dual Layer DVD and distribute it in DVD form.

A DVD made in April 2010 (Dual Layer) DVD contains 29,500+ books.They also have some artwork for the DVD that can be downloaded but U3A could make up their own artwork.

They also have an on-line proofreading that U3A members can volunteer to help with.

Project Gutenberg was founded by Michael Hart who died recently. An article about project Gutenberg and the work they are doing for U3A would be excellent.

Finally there is a website for making your own book scanner. Maybe U3A could try to get a book scanner built in every U3A so members could scan their own books so they can be saved digitally and never lost or destroyed.

Members could physically reduce their large book collections and bulky bookcases down to a single DVD and take their books with them anywhere.

This can be especially important when moving to a retirement home.

At the 2012 Conference Workshop

Wasn’t it a great conference? Thank you to those who participated – especially Jean, who acted as the keyboard surfer.

There is a new link on our Home page about Geography. Try it – . I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating as did Mel and I.

Mel has sent out all the orders for the CDs. The CDs can only be shown on a computer. One of our folks was disappointed when she couldn’t play it on her DVD player. We are still looking for items to include in the Library. Meanwhile Mel has been updating some of the items and we have added two more which can be downloaded. April 17, 2012.

More changes to the Library

See how many items you are now able to download. – Wednesday 8 February, 2012

There are now 74 items which you can download directly to your own computer. Go to Expanded Catalogue 2 – for easy viewing. Click on any of the titles listed. Some good examples of items for downloading are in the International Biographies.Where the word “Download” appears after any item, click on that word and Voila!

Downloads of some material now available – Wednesday August 18th, 2010


Above: Ern Hollebone, Mel Davies and Jan Bennett work
on transferring files to the web-site.

Thank you to all those who have responded so positively to the CDs Mel sent out recently. We have more good news for all those keen learners and presenters.

Mel and Jan under the guidance of Ern Hollebone  have been transferring files to the website. Not all the files have been uploaded, but if you would like to download any of those that are currently available, follow these directions.

In the Library link, go to Expanded Catalogue 2 – for easy viewing. Click on any of the titles listed. Some good examples of items for downloading are in the International Biographies.Where the word “Download” appears after any item, click on that word and you will have all the information at your fingertips.

Mel, Ern and Jan are delighted with the progress we are making. We hope you are benefiting from the results. Check the  site regularly to find more downloaded material.

Meantime, the old way is still available to you by making contact with Mel to put in your order.

Two Expanded Catalogues now available – Monday January 4th, 2010

If you have been a regular viewer of the Resource Library, you will see quite a dramatic change to the list of pages on the site. In particular, there are now two versions of the Expanded Catalogue. As you enter these page links you will be provided with information about their format. We hope you will find this information beneficial. If you have a comment or suggestion about these changes, you may like to send a message to the Library Manager.

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