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Fresh Ideas for U3A courses



When and Where

Justice Connect is a not-for- profit organisation giving advice about the law. Justice Connect provides webinars for people concerning not-for-profit organisations.

Go to justiceconnect.org.au   on the internet to find out more.



Webinar topics include, for example,

  • “Let’s get started, setting up and starting a not-for-profit organisation.”
  • “Mastering meetings webinar”
  • “Privacy laws for not-for-profits”
  • “Member disputes and conflict on the committee”


For a schedule of webinars webinars go to their website



Lawless: the Real Bushrangers.

A series of four videos, each of approx. 50 minutes. Each video is about a different bushranger or bushranger gang in Australia’s colonial times.


If your U3A has a subscription to EnhanceTV.

Stream the videos via your wifi to your computer and data projector. Or stream via your wifi to your Smart TV.


At your place before a U3A group.

Whenever you like to schedule the course. Lawless: The Real Bushrangers is in four separate videos so you could schedule this as a four part course.

Webinar –

Film, Television and Media Webinar

Learn how to find and access the National Library’s vast collection for film, television and media use, featuring collection highlights of unique media material from across the decades.

Free webinar

For all comers.

Click on the following link

Book online for Film, Television and Media webinar or call 02 6262 1111

Wednesday 11 September 2019

1pm – 2 pm.

on-line, at your place before a U3Agroup


in front of your own personal computer

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