Lyn Stewart | | Monday, March 18th, 2019

Fresh Ideas for U3A courses



When and Where

Justice Connect is a not-for- profit organisation giving advice about the law. Justice Connect provides webinars for people concerning not-for-profit organisations.

Go to justiceconnect.org.au   on the internet to find out more.



Webinar topics include, for example,

  • “Let’s get started, setting up and starting a not-for-profit organisation.”
  • “Mastering meetings webinar”
  • “Privacy laws for not-for-profits”
  • “Member disputes and conflict on the committee”


For a schedule of webinars webinars go to their website



Lawless: the Real Bushrangers.

A series of four videos, each of approx. 50 minutes. Each video is about a different bushranger or bushranger gang in Australia’s colonial times.


If your U3A has a subscription to EnhanceTV.

Stream the videos via your wifi to your computer and data projector. Or stream via your wifi to your Smart TV.


At your place before a U3A group.

Whenever you like to schedule the course. Lawless: The Real Bushrangers is in four separate videos so you could schedule this as a four part course.

Webinar –

Webinar: Ask a librarian –Music Collections

Join the webinar to learn how to research like a music librarian. Follow along as questions from all around Australia are answered.

Free webinar

For all comers.

Click on the following link

Book online for Ask a Librarian—Music Collections or call 02 6262 1111

Wednesday 20 November 2019

1pm – 2 pm.

on-line, at your place before a U3Agroup


in front of your own personal computer

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